Win a Necklace & Earring Set!

Win A Free Necklace & Earring Set Today!
Rules: In order to participate you must be a follower of & be a subscriber to!whoever is first to post your answers on my FaceBook page wins. The answers must be posted by 8pm tonight

a.What was the date & time of my very first post on the Blogger Blog?

b.What was the name of my very first model?

c.Name the lipstick color that Tia wore, its maker & copy/paste where you can purchase it.

d.Where did I purchase the red dress worn in my first YouTube video?

e.What is my user name for Twitter?

f.Post 2 comments on any 2 posts on either blog.

g.What is my actual website address & what company is it’s host?

Thanks for participating!

One Response to “Win a Necklace & Earring Set!”

  1. Melissa Vivo Says:

    I love this set as it is both delicate and funky. Fabulous!!!

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